jueves, 29 de abril de 2010

Ali g with shaq

Ali g with Shaquille O´neal

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  1. Check it! I is here with non other than my main man basketball legend: Shaquille O´neal.
    - So, Shaquille, tell me; is it well hard to get into the NBA? or as it´s better
    known: the Nation Wide Basketball Society.
    - The NBA stands for the National Basketball Association.
    - Alright! I figure it´s Nation Wide Basketball Society.
    - It´s National Basketball Association. I should know, I´ve done this for 13 years, don´t tell me.
    - So, you claim.
    - So, I know.
    - Let´s agree we disagree.
    - No, we don´t have to agree we disagree, I´m telling you.
    - Maybe, it´s an English-American thing.
    - It is not an English-American thing, in London is NBA, in Africa is NBA, in China is NBA.
    - For real! The NBA: the Nation Wide Basketball Society.
    - National Basketball Association, I´m not going to tell you again, ok? National Basketball Association, ok? Thank you.
    - In your opinion.
    - It´s a fact.
    - So, you claim.