lunes, 3 de mayo de 2010

Little Britain - Carol in Spain

Little Britain - Carol in Spain

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    Along with France and Germany, Spain is one of Europe´s Thrid World Countries. Here in Mallorca, Carol Beer is the friendly face of “Sunsearchers Holidays”.

    -Sunsearchers. Ah! This must be us dear.

    -Good morning.

    -Good morning.

    -Hello, my name is Carol, I´m your rep (See above). Welcome to Spain. If you look to your left, you´ll see Spain. If you look to your right, you´ll see Spain. Now…I´m here to make sure your holiday is fun, fun, fun. Fun. Any questions or problems, come to me.

    -Excuse me! Excuse me!

    - Yes, old man?

    -Sorry, sorry. My wife is feeling rather nauseous. Do you think it would be possible to stop the coach for a moment, so she can get out and get some air?

    -González, ¿puede parar el bus?

    -Thank you. Excuse me.

    - González, vamos.

    - Are you ok, dear? It must have been something you had on the plane.

    -Oh, my stomach!

    -Hey! Hey! Hey!

    -It´s alright.

    Rep: sales representantive.