martes, 4 de mayo de 2010

NBA- The Finals

NBA- The Finals

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  1. My love for the game, I don´t think it can be measured, man - Kevin Garnett

    1- “I love playing basketball” – Chris Bosh

    2- “I love everything about this game” – Brandon Roy

    3- “Love for the game never goes away” – Allen Iverson

    4- “It´s just a part of me” – Ben Gordon

    5- “If you took my heart out, it would be a basketball” – Nate Robinson

    6- “The squeaking of the sneakers, the ball bouncing against the hardwood, the sounds of the net, the smell of the leather, I mean, I love everything about it” – Kobe Bryant

    7- “When I´m between those lines” – Chauncey Billups –
    “I feel at peace” – Steve Nash
    “I feel free” – Lebron James
    “I´m in paradise” – Richard Hamilton
    “I feel like I´m in my sanctuary” – Dwight Howard

    8- “That ball, that basket, it just makes me feel complete” – Dwyane Wade

    9- “It´s a battle all night” – Amare Stoudamire

    10- “You´ve got to be ready to grind” – Chauncey Billups

    11- “You can´t talk a good game in this league” – Brandon Roy

    12- “NBA is the best players in the World” – Chris Bosh

    13- “You have to respect greatness (about Kobe)” – Dwyane Wade

    14- “(talking about Lebron) He´s a matchup nightmare” -Chauncey Billups

    15- “Being in the zone” – Vince Carter
    “Is an out body experience” – D. Wade
    “It supersedes the physical because” – K. Bryant
    “the World kind of goes away” – Steve Nash
    “I´m just flying” – Kevin Garnett
    “I can´t hear anything out there, I can´t hear the crowd” – Ben Gordon
    “You don´t see a hand on your face” – L. James

    16- “It kind of feels surreal to me” – Deron Davis
    “Like a superhero inside” – D. Wade

    17- “I want to be one of the greatest players that ever played this game” – D. Howard

    18- “I have to win” – C. Paul

    19- “I don´t want to lose” – Gilbert Arenas

    20- “Take advantage of every minute on the floor” – Tim Duncan

    21- “Get to the finals and have a chance to win” – C. Billups

    22- “Create a legacy” – Shaquille O´neal

    23- “I´m just chasing another ring” - C. Billups

    24- “That´s what it feels like to be in the NBA” – Kevin Garnett